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Site Monitors

100+ important sites monitored 24/7. Monitors pick up new releases and restocks. Sites such as Nike, Supreme, Kith, and more!

1 on 1 Support

Our group offers 1 on 1 mod support for each of our members at whenever needed. Staff consist of experienced resellers to answer all of your questions whether you are very knowledgeable or new to reselling entirely.

Exclusive Info

Our group has up to date info on drops. SNKRS stash, SNKRS pass, Yeezy Supply shock drops, and more.

Full Release Guides

Guides posted before the release for all major drops. Full sitelists that help members know they best way to cop.

Informative Guides/Videos

A variety of guides on all things related to reselling. Updated daily to keep our members up to date on the latest tactics in reselling.

Resell Price Analysis

In depth resell price guide for all releases. Giving our members the most accurate info on when to buy, sell, and hold.

Free Auto checkout Slots

Free auto checkout service offered for all releases. We use the best bots that contribute to great success.

Other Resell Items

From trading cards to concert tickets, our staff is on the lookout daily to help you make money on items other than just sneakers.

Helpful Tools

We offer a variety of tools to help you resell effective and efficiently. Some include: eBay view bot, discounted shipping labels, and more.


What is Sole Specialists?

Sole Specialists is a group that is dedicated to helping its members make money reselling exclusive sneakers, hyped street wear, and much more. Our staff consists of experienced resellers who have knowledge in many different areas of reselling. The information and services provided by this staff will help you obtain the most limited releases.

How do auto checkout slots work?

Our staff runs free auto checkout slots to all members for nearly every hyped releases. Our staff uses the most advanced bots on the market, such as: CyberAIO, Project Destoyer, Phantom, WhatBot, Sieupreme, TKS, Splash Force, etc. Running thousands of tasks, we are able to be very successful.

Why should I join?

With our dedicated and knowledgeable staff that have been reselling extensively for over 10 years, we will make every drop seem much easier. Our group has helped many resellers become very successful and make consistent profit on releases. We provide early info, lightning fast monitors, and a staff that takes the time for every one-on-one interaction.

How much is the membership?

Our membership is a recurring payment of $40 per month.